Meetup#31 Blockchain and Cybersecurity


The 31th meetup from eSatya was successfully held on 11th November, 2022. The meetup was entitled “Blockchain and Cybersecurity”. The main purpose of our meetup is to let everyone know the Importance of Blockchain and its  use cases for CyberSecurity and how Blockchain could Revolutionize Cybersecurity.

The speakers for the meetup were Raghav Kattel and Subash Gautam

The first speaker for the session was Mr. Raghav Kattel, who is Raghav who is a full-stack developer and a software engineer. He has experience developing software for Blockchain-based systems, Logistics, NFT Marketplaces, and other EWallet systems. He is engaged in Rumsan Associates.

The second speaker for the session was Mr. Subash Gautam, who is a Co-Founder of the cyber security startups and which were started with a vision to innovate application security automation & eliminate cyber threats. He is a blockchain enthusiast who is actively involved in side projects in Ethereum and Solana blockchain ecosystem. 

The meetup was moderated by Prabesh Adhikari and was supported by the CSIT Association of Nepal, Prime IT Club and Digital Notice Media Lab. Our venue partner was Softwarica College of IT and Ecommerce. 70 attendees attended the meetup with 4 eSatya team and 3 supportive partners from Prime IT and CSIT Association Nepal.

The session was followed by an interesting question and answer session where the participant’s queries were answered by the speakers. The entire session was one hour long and was attended by students of Softwarica and few attendees of eSatya.





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Meetup#31 Blockchain and Cybersecurity

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