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Understanding Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology

Understanding the fundamental technology components of blockchain, proof-of-work and alternative consensus mechanisms, their application, and distributed ledger structure at its core.


Manjik Shrestha

Blockchain Developer at eSatya

Ashmita Shrestha

Community Manager at eSatya

Ruchin Singh

Managing Director at eSatya

Course Objective

This is an introductory session on basics of blockchain technology. The course will focus on the basics of blockchain technology and explore its core structure and mechanisms. The students will also explore blockchain wallets, smart contracts, NFT and DeFi.


After completing this course, the participants will be able to -

1. Understand the fundamental technology components of blockchain, proof-of-work and alternative consensus mechanisms, how they are applied and how the distributed ledger is structured at its core.
2. Understand, use and explore blockchain wallets.
3. Learn about DApps and mint NFT in Opensea.
4. Create a blockchain project.

Session Details

Introduction To Blockchain

- Blockchain 101
- Why is Blockchain and DLT?
- Blockchain Vs Cryptocurrency
- Types of Blockchain - Public vs Private Blockchain
- Benefits of using Blockchain Technology
- DeFi, NFT, ICO

Duration: 3hrs

Blockchain Ecosystem

- Blockchain Architecture-Distributed, decentralized, and P2P Network?
- Getting Familiar with Cryptographic hash functions
- Blockchain Data Structure
- Byzantine Fault Tolerance
- Understanding consensus algorithms- POW,POS,DPOS and POA
- Review Of Blockchain Platforms- Bitcoin and Ethereum


-What does a wallet do?
-Ethereum Address – (EOA and contract address)
-What is Metamask and how to use it? Example: Rumsan Wallet
-How to backup wallet - Mnemonic code for Wallets

Decentralized Application(Dapps)

- What is Dapps?
- How does Dapps Work?
- How to use Dapps
- Practical: How to Mint NFT in Opensea using Metamask
- and how does it work

Use Cases

- Use cases
- How to design your blockchain product?

Book a Session

The course will take approx. 6 hours for completion.


Online and Onsite Sessions will be conducted.


The certification will be provided by Blockchain Foundation Nepal.

Who can Attend?

  • -Corporate and financial executives looking to incorporate blockchain into the workflow.
  • -Government executive looking to connect policy to blockchain technology.
  • -High school and college students trying to understand the scope of the blockchain.
  • -CEOs, Board Members, and Senior executives looking into the crash course to get started in the blockchain.
  • -Entrepreneurs looking into the next big technology.
  • -Anyone who wants to learn the basics about blockchain.