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We have collected resources and learning materials to help you explore blockchain technology. Get knowledge on Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, DApps and DLT.

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Blockchain Fellowship

This blockchain fellowship certification will help participants to get started with key elements of blockchain from industry experts.

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Our Vision

We are here to pioneer a blockchain ecosystem in Nepal and abroad to advance social and economic growth.

Blockchain Careers

  • We desgin & develop blockchain products & also hire blockchain developers for blockchain projects.

Talent Outsourcing

  • We offer you internship opportunities & also focus to create blockchain developers.

Strategy & Consulting

  • We carry out pilot studies for industries/organizations & also provide enterprise level workshops.

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Explore the potential of blockchain in your industry.

Impact Metrics

Here, we present you our progress and impact metrics of 2023.


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Blockchain in Nepal

Check out some of our events, current news and meetups.

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Our Services

We design and develop blockchain-based products and enterprise solutions in the supply chain, fintech, identity management, healthcare, education, and governance.

dApp Development

We develop customized decentralized applications for your business solution according to your requirements.

Smart Contract Development

We design the functional and secure smart contracts, be it for your utility token, or for your unique decentralized system.

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

We design & build private / permissioned-blockchain network for enterprises across various industries to boost your business.

Crypto Tokens Development

We specialize in engineering and launching Ethereum based tokens and regulate them as per business requirements.

Blockchain Consulting

We design and develop blockchain-based solutions. We enable your existing solutions with blockchain capabilities.

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Our Portfolio

We develop blockchain based products. See how our products are creating impact and value.


Blockchain based food distribution

AgriClear uses distributed ledger technology (DLT) which allows customers to scan labels with smartphones to access detailed supply chain information, seed plantation, fertilizers used, harvesting process, and origin.


Blockchain based aid distribution

Rahat is a digital Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) management system. It uses mobile-based blockchain tokens for emergency response and recovery programs for humanitarian agencies.


Identity Management in Blockchain

Chino is a virtual identity card to unify all the identity documents – citizenship, driving license, PAN card, employment ID, college ID, birth certificate, voters ID and many more to store and exchange information.


Blockchain based Education Certification System

Paper-based higher education diplomas, school certificates and extra training course certificates get lost, can be easily forged or needs verification. Once put in blockchain, the information is immutable.

Blockchain based Land Registry is a blockchain based record keeping system to digitize existing land records to make it secure, transparent, easy to access, and hard to dispute.Once put in blockchain, the information is immutable.

Clients and Partners

eSatya in the News

Check out some of the media mentions of eSatya’s blockchain projects.

Blogs & Media

Get to know the story of blockchain, its use cases and its potential

Blockchain Awareness Program at Nepal Judicial Academy

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying updated with the latest technological advancements is not just a choice but a necessity, especially for government officials tasked with safeguarding various sectors from cyber threats.

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An Exciting Journey of Innovation and Collaboration

In December 2023, the Rumsan Team participated in the ETHIndia 2023 event which was the biggest hackathon in the world. This event was focused on ethereum and blockchain

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Unlocking the Potentioanl of web 3.0 and Frontier Technology (Robots & Animals KTM Event)

eSatya, a blockchain initiative by Rumusan Associates in Nepal, hosted a "Unlocking the potential of Web 3.0 and Frontier Technology" session in collaboration with Robots and Animals KTM.

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