Blockchain Fellowship

Fall intake 2022 generally means semester begins in September and ends in December, whereas Spring 2022 means semester starts in January and ends in May.

About the Course


This blockchain fellowship certification will help participants to get started with key elements of blockchain from industry experts.The course covers key topics in the blockchain industry to help you become a blockchain developer – from the basics of blockchain to designing smart contracts and understanding good blockchain programming practices. The fellowship will instruct participants on designing, creating, and implementing technical solutions for organizations with Blockchain Technology. Learners will apply the concepts covered in the courses to deploy an instance of a blockchain to carry out peer-to-peer transactions, program/test smart contracts, analyze, design, & code a blockchain-based solution for decentralized applications


After completing this course, the participants will be able to -

1. Understand the fundamental concepts of blockchain technology;
2. Design, create and implement smart contracts and DApps;
3. Design a permissioned blockchain network to match business solutions;
4. Understand and have a working knowledge of the emerging blockchain technology
5. Create and deploy a blockchain-based project.


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Session Details

Introduction To Blockchain

- Blockchain 101
- Why is Blockchain and DLT?
- Blockchain Vs Cryptocurrency
- Types of Blockchain - Public vs Private Blockchain
- Consensus: How Conflicts are Resolved
- Benefits of using Blockchain Technology
- DeFi
- Guest Speaker: CryptoTokens/Tokenized Economy

Duration: 3hrs

Blockchain Ecosystem

- Blockchain Architecture-Distributed, decentralized, and P2P Network?
- Cryptography and Cryptographic Algorithms.
- Getting Familiar with Cryptographic hash functions
- Blockchain Data Structure
- Transaction Execution and Distribution
- Merkle Tree and Hashing
- Understanding consensus algorithms- POW,POS,DPOS and POA
- Review Of Blockchain Platforms- Bitcoin and Ethereum
- Blockchain Forks

Duration: 4hrs


-What does a wallet do?
-Ethereum Address – (EOA and contract address)
-Generating Ethereum Addresses
-One Wallet for All
-Mnemonic code for Wallets – (BIP-39)
-Digital Signature (ECDSA)
-Create your own Web-based Wallet

Ethereum and Smart Contract

- Ethereum Basics
- Ethereum Transactions and Gas Fees
- Smart Contract Basics
- Working Mechanism Of Smart Contracts
- Solidity Fundamentals
- Hands-on with Solidity(proof of existence exercise)
- Smart Contract Examples and Exercises
- Smart Contract Pitfalls and Debugging
- Ethereum based Tokens- ERC20 and ERC721.
- Design smart contract with open-zeppelin
- Develop using Truffle Environment
- Implementing Truffle Boxes
- Getting familiar with Ethereum client – geth, parity, quorum, Hyperledger Besu
- Crypto Token – Executing Minimal Viable Token

Duration: 10hrs

Ethereum DAPPS

- Introduction to Dapps
- Setting up Metamask
- Ethereum and End-User
- Ethereum gateways – Infura
- Interaction with web3.js and ethers.js
- Building simple Dapps on Ethereum

Duration: 6hrs

Advanced Topic

- Blockchain Oracles
- Implementing Blockchain Oracle on Ethereum
- Off Chain Storage
- Blockchain Scalability Trilemma
- Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solutions
- State Channels / Side Chains
- Blockchain InterOperability

Duration: 3hrs

Hyperledger Besu

- Installing Besu
- Launching the Besu Network
- Fundamentals of Besu Network
- Starting a Besu network through scripts
- Starting a Besu network through scripts
- Permissioning in besu
- Privacy in besu with orion client
- Create a private network through shell scripts

Duration: 3hrs

Use Cases and Blockchain Solutions

- Rahat
- TruckIn
- Off Chain Storage
- Chino
- Agriclear
- IMS Stock Inventory

Duration: 3hrs


- Implementing Blockchain

Duration: 6hrs


The course will take approx. 32 hours for completion.


The course will be 80% Online Sessions and 20% Physical Sessions.


The certification will be provided by Blockchain Foundation Nepal.

Who can Attend?

  • -Programmers and Developers who are enthusiastic to learn and work on Blockchain.
  • -Professionals who are looking to explore a career in Blockchain.
  • -IT students who are interested to complete their internship on Blockchain.

What you Get?

  • -Certification from Blockchain Foundation Nepal.
  • -Lifetime access to the course content.
  • -Free consultation for 4 months after fellowship completion
  • -Hands-on industry project experience.

Fellowship Project Showcase