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Blockchain for Corporation: Providing Solutions for Businesses to Adopt Blockchain

Across industries around the, blockchain is helping transform business. Blockchain is revolutionizing the food distribution, supply chain, government, financial services, retail, and many more.

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White Paper and Use Case Development

We help explore and develop blockchain concepts, use cases and ideas for your business.

Development of Blockchain Solutions

We develop customized decentralized applications and smart contracts for your business solution according to your requirements.

Junar Tracking Project Case Study

The first pilot project of Agriclear that tracked 6600 kgs of Junar in total from 6 different farms at Sindhuli. The sweet oranges were tracked from their harvest to consumer delivery.

Stock Validation Project Case Study

Implementing blockchain technology in IMS Stock Inventory Management System.

LSCMS Project Case Study

An intuitive mobile-based, blockchain integrated data logging system that enables consumer interface, cooperative data management, and reporting systems in livestock management.

Token Solutions Development

We specialize in engineering and launching Ethereum based tokens and regulate them as per business requirements.

Blockchain Consulting

We develop blockchain-based solutions. We enable your existing solutions with blockchain capabilities