Meetup#27 Blockchain for Business

The 27th meetup from eSatya was successfully held on 2nd June, 2022. The meetup was entitled “Blockchain for Business”.The main purpose of our meetup is to let everyone know about the challenges and the opportunities of Blockchain in Business. The speakers for the meetup were Mr.Rajat Rajbhandari,PhD and Prof. Dr. Subarna Shakya.

The first speaker for the session was Mr.Rajat Rajbhandari, who is a co-Founder of dexFreight, a startup building decentralized logistics and smart contracts. He is also leading a project at Port of Veracruz to build Latin America's first blockchain-powered port community system. Prior to dexFreight, he was research engineer at Texas A&M Transportation Institute, largest university-based transportation research institute in the world. He is a frequent blockchain speaker and evangelist.

The second speaker for the session was  Prof.Dr. Subarna Shakya, who has a strong engineering professional with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) focused in Computer Engineering from Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine. He served as Executive Director at National Information technology Center, Government of Nepal. He has keen interest in research and development of ICT, e-government system, Information security for e-Government system, multimedia system along with Computer Systems simulation and modeling.

The meetup was moderated by Ms. Ashmita Manandhar . The meetup was supported and supported by the Ethereum Foundation (Ecosystem Support Program). Likewise,CSIT Association of Nepal, Prime IT Club and Digital Notice were the supportive partners for the meetup. It was hosted in the Zoom platform and was streamed live via eSatya’s Facebook page. 28 attendees attended the meetup in Zoom excluding the speakers and eSatya team and 32 people attended the meetup through eSatya’s Facebook page.

The session was followed by an interesting question and answer session where the participant’s queries were answered by both the speakers. The entire session was one hour long and was attended by various professionals, and students from Nepal.

Watch the recording here.

Below is the slide attached:


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