The 23rd  meetup from eSatya was successfully held on January 19, 2022. The meetup was entitled “Tokenomics”. The main objective of the meet-up was to focus on projects that are being carried out to create the microeconomics principles and the models that drive tokens, currencies, and the initiatives that support them, all of which are still in the early stages of figuring out what really works. The speakers for the meetup were Ms. Shaila Agha and Mr. Nat Robinson. 

The first speaker for the session was Ms. Shaila Agha, Director at Grassroots Economics. She is an installation artist and activist who is working to develop alternative financial systems and sustainable communities in Kenya.  She talked about Grassroots Economics Community Inclusion Currency, which was launched in Kenya. She also introduced us through the ideas of tokenomics, how to use it, and how they're incorporating it into their initiatives. 

The second speaker for the session was Mr. Nat Robinson, Co-founder and CEO of Leaf Global Fintech, a company providing the first live blockchain based financial solution for refugees and migrants without smartphones. He talked about the overview and history of Leaf Global Fintech. Likewise, he also discussed how they approached the problem related to the refugees and migrants who don’t have access to financial services and have to carry cash across-borders and how  they're attempting to solve it through their platform.

The meetup was moderated by Ms. Ashmita Manandhar Shrestha, Project Manager of Rahat. The meetup was supported  by the Ethereum Foundation, ASCOL IT Club, CSIT Association of Nepal, Prime IT Club, and Digital Notice. It was hosted in the Zoom platform and was streamed live via eSatya’s Facebook page. 55 attendees attended the meetup in Zoom and 11 people attended the meetup through eSatya’s Facebook page.

The session was followed by an interesting question and answer session where the participant’s queries were answered by both the speakers. The entire session was one hour long and was attended by various professionals, blockchain enthusiasts, and students from inside and outside of Kathmandu valley.



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