Meetup Vol#16 "Blockchain for Agritech"

On November 25, 2020, eSatya and Blockchain Foundation Nepal hosted its 16th Meetup on “Blockchain for Agritech”. The meetup was supported by CSIT Association of Nepal, ASCOL IT Club, Digital Notice, India & Hult Prize IOST.  The Meetup was conducted virtually via Google Meet and was also streamed Live via eSatya’s Facebook page.The speakers for the session were Mr. Saurav Dhakal, Cofounder- Green Growth and Mr. Sanjit Khadka, Business Analyst, Nepal National Single Window (NNSW).The session was moderated by Ms. Ashmita Manandhar Shrestha - Project Lead, eSatya.The main objective of this meetup was to discuss the use and application of the Blockchain technology in the Agricultural and Fresh Food Supply Chain.Mr. Saurav Dhakal talked about the inception of GreenGrowth and the journey they've come across. He talked about fragile food system and their resilient food system. Mr. Dhakal talked about the current challenges in the Agri Supply Chain and how Agriclear a product by eSatya has provided a solution to the preexisting problems in food traceability and transparency. In the meetup, he also briefed us about the Junar Pilot Project. This first pilot project tracks the provenance information of Junar only after it was plucked to its delivery to customers. The provenance information included origin, cooperative’s name, plucked date, distributor’s name, processing date and food mile. When consumers buy this QR labeled Junar online through Green Growth, they will able to see all this information on their mobile phone by simply scanning the QR code that came with the Junar.In the second half, Mr. Sanjit Khadka talked about his assessment of blockchain technology in adoption in fresh food supply chain to improve food safety and quality along the supply chain. He briefed the framework of how the fresh food supply chain management and blockchain technology with adopted can help develop the transparency and traceability along with time and temperature results improved food safety and quality along the supply chain.  With the proven example of ATATO in Thailand, Mr.Sanjit Khadka also explained about the prospects of blockchain technology in agricultural country like Nepal and how the technology adoption can bring about revolution in the Nepalese food supply industry.With more than 120 attendees in the session, the interesting part was the queries session where our speakers clearly answered their dilemma while promising them of any help possible from their side.

Meetup#16 'Blockchain For AgriTech'It is an hour online event where we will hear about the new technologies in the agricultural sector in Nepal and around the world from our distinguished guest speakers, working in this field.Posted by Esatya on Wednesday, November 25, 2020


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