Meetup Vol#14 "Blockchain for Health"

Blockchain Meetup #14'Blockchain for Health'Learn about how blockchain can help gain efficiency and security on different parts of heath sector, particularly the blood supply chain, potential plasma therapy treatment for COVID patients and decentralization of health data. Speakers Rumee Singh, CEO of Hamro LifeBank and Sanjay Poudel, sr. manager of PossibleHealth.Video starts at 2:27 (skip to that)#esatya #blockchainfoundationnepal #csitassociationofnepal #digitalnotice #blockchain #health #hamrolifebank #possiblehealth #meetup #digitalhealth2020Posted by Esatya on Thursday, August 27, 2020
On August 27, 2020, eSatya and Blockchain Foundation Nepal hosted its 14th Meetup on “Blockchain for Health”. The meetup was supported by CSIT Association of Nepal, ASCOL IT Club & Digital Notice, India.  As the shutdown is imposed in the country, the meetup was conducted virtually via Google Meet and was also streamed Live via eSatya’s Facebook page. With the enriched speakers: Ms. Rumee Singh- Founder & CEO, Hamro LifeBank, & Mr. Sanjay Poudel- Senior Manager e-Health, Possible Health, the session was moderated by Ms. Ashmita Manandhar Shrestha - Project Lead, eSatya.The main objective of this meetup was to discuss the health technology in Nepal and how digitalization could prove as an efficient solution and the speakers focused on bringing about a revolutionary change through the digital health care system.Ms. Rumee Singh not only introduced the audience about her organization Hamro LifeBank but also shed light on the concept of vein-to-vein initiatives, the current situation of blood transfusion across the world with proven examples of Smart Bag in the US, Canada Blood Services ENY, and the Facebook’s Blood Donor Search features. Talking about the current convalescent plasma therapy, Singh also talked about the biggest challenge of getting the donors on board and the social stigma attached to it.The session was followed by Mr. Poudel who explained how Possible Health is working in the trajectory of the municipal healthcare system and digitizing the hospital to home health care. He further added about the electronic health record that possible health has been working on and the eHealth timeline. Mr. Poudel highlighted how the government should take an initiative to build the blockchain-based healthcare system through logistic management that was initially started but did not lead any furtherThe session summed up how blockchain could be the possible solutions to the problems we’re currently facing. With more than 70 attendees in the session, the Meetup was new of its kind and was proven fruitful as our speakers did entire justice to the audience.


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