Blockchain 101 Virtual Session (Collaboration with AuraEd)

On May 10, 2022, eSatya successfully conducted a Virual blockchain 101 Session with collaboration with AuraEd. The session was organized and supported by the Rumsan Group of Companies.   Mr. Bibek Khadka was the speaker from the sessionThe attendees were from different colleges and university. There were a total of 18 attendees including one team member from eSatya team. Ms. Sambhavi Parajuli, President of AuraEd gave a short introduction about their company. Then Mr. Bibek Khadka introduces eSatya and explained the blockchain technology to the attendees. He also discussed numerous use cases and blockchain products like AgriClear,, and  Rahat. He clarified about blockchain structures and certain blockchain-related myths.

The session was wrapped up with an open networking session where the attendees were interested to know about the use of blockchain and many more other tech questions were asked by the attendees.

Recording of the session is here.




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