Blockchain 101 Session with Rotaract Club Of Yala

On October 12th, eSatya organized a virtual Blockchain 101 session for the Rotaract Club Of Yala, featuring Mr. Mani Byanjankar, a Full stack developer at Rumsan, was the speaker. 

The session commenced with an introduction by Ms. Nupur Pant, Joint Secretary of the club, who provided an overview of the club and introduced the speaker. Ms. Amina Manandhar, the event manager at eSatya, then introduced eSatya and handed over the stage to Mr. Byanjankar. 

During the session, Mr. Byanjankar covered the fundamentals of blockchain, highlighted the distinctions between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, and explored the practical applications of blockchain in Nepal, such as land registry, supply chain transparency, and identity management. Mr. Byanjankar actively engaged the attendees by discussing common misconceptions about blockchain and sharing real-world examples of blockchain products in Nepal. He emphasized the importance of data decentralization and addressed the audience's questions, providing them with a clearer understanding of the technology. The attendees actively participated, asking questions and participating in discussions, showcasing their curiosity and enthusiasm for the blockchain revolution. 

In closing remarks, Ms. Manandhar expressed gratitude to all the attendees who made this virtual session not only informative but also incredibly interesting and a resounding success. She thanked the participants for their active involvement and encouraged them to continue exploring the possibilities of blockchain. This collaborative event between eSatya and the Rotaract Club Of Yala provided an enlightening platform to underscore the potential of blockchain technology and its capacity to bring about transformative change in various sectors.

Attached below is the slide of the session:


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