Blockchain 101 Session at Reliance College

On 9th of October, 2023, eSatya organized an enlightening "Blockchain 10” Session '' to the BCA students of Reliance College. The event was skillfully coordinated by Mr. Anjit Sibakoti, with the participation of 58 enthusiastic attendees. eSatya's dedicated team, led by Ms. Amina Manandhar, also featuring  Mr. Sarvesh Karki,  speaker for the event, who is a Front End Developer at Rumsan.

Mr. Buddhinath Kapali, IT Manager started the session with a warm welcome, introducing Mr. Balram Rai, Programme Coordinator,  who gave the opening remarks and called upon Mr. Sarvesh Karki for further carrying out the session. 

Mr. Karki  initiated by simplifying the core principles of blockchain technology, emphasizing the transformative shift from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. He then delved into the introduction of Blockchain, its practical applications in Nepal, including land registration, supply chain transparency, and identity management. Moreover, he debunked common myths surrounding blockchain and explained the importance of data decentralization. His presentation was enriched with compelling examples of blockchain's impact in Nepal.

Throughout Mr. Karki's engaging presentation, participants actively contributed to the discussion, posing questions and engaging in vibrant discussions. Their deep interest in the potential of the blockchain revolution was evident, confirming the event's success. It served as an exceptional platform to highlight blockchain's transformative power across various sectors.

In closing,  Mr. Buddhinath Kapali extended a heartfelt thank you to both eSatya and all the participants who made this session a valuable and enriching experience. It is through the collective effort and engagement of everyone involved that we were able to explore and learn together.

You can view the session's presentation slides attached below for reference:


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