Blockchain 101 at Thames International College

On 19 th May, 2023, our eSatya team in collaboration with IT club and IT Center of Thames International College organized a Blockchain 101 Sessions for the students there. Two members from our team Mr. Sarvesh Karki and Ms. Amina Manandhar went there and successfully conducted the program, where Mr. Sarvesh, a React and Next Js Expert at Rumsan was the speaker for the session.

The session was organized by eSatya and supported by the Ethereum Foundation. The attendees for the session were the students of different faculties i.e. BCA, BIM, BCA, BBM and also BPsY . The Academic Coordinator Mr  Amin Lama, coordinated with us and  also attended the session. There were total of 40 attendees who attended the session.

During the session, Mr. Karki introduced blockchain technology, highlighting the difference between Web 2.0 and 3.0. He discussed the value of blockchain, its use cases (such as land registry, supply chain transparency and Identity Management), and addressed common misconceptions of Blockchain. He also shared some examples of blockchain products in Nepal, emphasizing the concept of data decentralization. 

Mr.Karki also had the opportunity to ask questions during an open networking session. The session was well received by students who were interested in learning more about the blockchain revolution.

The slide of the session is also attached below:


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