BIA at Nara Bahadur Karmacharya Polytechnic College

On March 16, 2023, eSatya, in collaboration with Agriclear and with the support of the Ethereum Foundation, organized a Blockchain session on the topic of "Blockchain in Agriculture." The session was presented by Ms. Manika Maharjan, an Agricultural researcher at Agriclear, and was attended by the 41 students at Nara Bahadur Karmacharya Polytechnic College, Itahari Sunsari.

Ms. Manika provided an introduction to Blockchain technology during the session and explained its fundamental principles, features, and potential applications in the agriculture industry. She emphasized several advantages of Blockchain, including enhanced transparency, better supply chain management, and decreased instances of fraud and mistakes. Additionally, she touched upon the obstacles involved in implementing Blockchain-based solutions, such as the requirement for uniformity, compatibility, and protection of information privacy along with some real-life examples. 

The session concluded with a Q&A round, where the students had the opportunity to ask questions and clarify their doubts about Blockchain technology and its applications in the agriculture sector. Overall, the session was a success in providing the students with an introductory understanding of Blockchain technology and its potential applications in agriculture.

The slide is attached below:


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