Blockchain with AI Session

On January 15, 2021, Ms. Ashmita Manandhar Shrestha organized an online session on Blockchain with AI. The speakers were Ruchin Singh, Co-founder, eSatya, and Manjik Shrestha, Blockchain Developer, eSatya. The session was attended by the employees of Fusemachines. The session was an hour long and was a rather interactive one.  Mr. Ruchin talked about the history behind blockchain technology, bitcoin along with blockchain technology, blockchain products such as AgriClear,, Chino, CertFYI, Rahat, and myths related to blockchain. Likewise, Mr. Manjik shared about the technical side of blockchain technology and also shared his ideas and opinions of using AI and blockchain simultaneously.  Later, the floor was opened for the networking session where the attendees were interested to know more about the use of blockchain with AI technology. This session was conducted keeping in mind to aware people of blockchain technology and the possibility of use cases of blockchain technology in the AI field.

Our presentation deck is included here.


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