Unlocking the Potentioanl of web 3.0 and Frontier Technology (Robots & Animals KTM Event)


In a dynamic collaboration between eSatya, a pioneering blockchain initiative by Rumsan Associates in Nepal, and Robots and Animals KTM, a fascinating session on "Unlocking the potential of Web 3.0 and Frontier Technology'' took place in Kathmandu on October 24, 2023. This event brought together industry leaders, tech enthusiasts, and developers to delve into the transformative impact of Web 3.0 and its frontier technologies. Here are the key highlights and insights shared during the session.

Panelists and Speakers:

The event featured a distinguished panel of experts, including Pratikshya Pandey (CEO of Smart Cheli), Sushant Chalise (COO at E-Rastra Pvt. Ltd), and Sagar Pokhrel (Founder of IllionSo Technologies). The guest speaker, Anupama Koirala, a web 3 developer at Rumsan Associates Pvt Ltd, added valuable insights to the discussion.

Pratikshya Pandey, a social entrepreneur, highlighted her passion for Smart Cheli, a project aiming to bring STEM education to young girls. Sushant Chalise, COO of E-Rastra Pvt. Ltd, shared insights into the digitization initiatives for local governance in Nepal. Sagar Pokhrel, CEO of IllionSo Technologies, emphasized the transformative impact of Web 3.0 on various sectors, including education, commerce, tourism, and Nepal's global digital presence.

Moderated by Ruchin Singh, the Managing Director of Rumsan, the event emphasized the importance of blockchain technology.Panel highlighted opportunities for enthusiasts to engage in conferences like EthIndia and EthGlobal Istanbul, showcasing Rumsan's active involvement in such events.

Panel Discussion

The panel discussion offered a comprehensive exploration of current frontier technologies, including AI, IoT, and blockchain, in both industry and academia. Each panelist provided unique insights, addressing challenges and strategies for organizations and colleges to become future-ready. Common themes included the need to train teachers, embrace frontier tech in colleges, and foster a human-centric learning environment. The importance of regular events like hackathons and meetups to grow the community was also underscored.

Insights from Guest Speaker:

Anupama Koirala, the guest speaker, shared valuable insights into blockchain and Web 3.0 development. Covering decentralization, blockchain basics, and the shift from Web 2.0, Koirala emphasized the importance of education and community involvement. Drawing from her experience at ethIndia in 2022, she provided a roadmap for those new to the space and recommended participation in such events for students, teachers, and professionals.


The "Robots and Animals KTM" event, featuring eSatya's Web 3.0 session, showcased the transformative potential of frontier technology. With diverse panelists and a guest speaker, the event fostered a shared understanding of the impactful relationship between creativity and cutting-edge technology. Despite the cryptocurrency ban in Nepal, eSatya continues to actively engage in facilitating blockchain discussions and organizing events, contributing to the nation's social and economic advancement. This event served as a catalyst for knowledge exchange and highlighted the community's eagerness to explore the dynamic intersection of arts, technology, and Web 3.0.


About eSatya

Launched in 2018 by Rumsan, eSatya, a blockchain initiative, has been at the forefront of raising awareness about blockchain technology in Nepal. Despite the country's cryptocurrency ban, eSatya is actively involved in facilitating blockchain discussions in Kathmandu, organizing events like meetups, training sessions, consultations, and workshops involving various stakeholders. Collaborating with over 50 national and international organizations, the initiative aims to boost public awareness and enhance the professional skills of students and industry professionals. The overarching vision is to pioneer the development of a blockchain ecosystem in Nepal, contributing to the nation's social and economic advancement. Noteworthy initiatives like the Blockchain Fellowship Program, Meetups, and Blockchain 101 are actively organized by eSatya, catering to budding blockchain enthusiasts and funded by the organization.


About  "Robots & Animals" 

"Robots & Animals" is an immersive arts-tech festival experiment that raises awareness of emerging tech, notably its opportunities and risks. Over five days, it explored the intersection between arts and technology, showcasing captivating presentations and workshops, including music and performances from top local and international artists spanning multiple genres and styles such as live music, acoustic, DJs, analog electronica, 3D projection mapping, dance, jazz, metaverse, AI art, and more.

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Unlocking the Potentioanl of web 3.0 and Frontier Technology (Robots & Animals KTM Event)

eSatya, a blockchain initiative by Rumusan Associates in Nepal, hosted a "Unlocking the potential of Web 3.0 and Frontier Technology" session in collaboration with Robots and Animals KTM.

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