An Exciting Journey of Innovation and Collaboration

In December 2023, the Rumsan Team participated in the ETHIndia 2023 event which was the biggest hackathon in the world. This event was focused on ethereum and blockchain. ETHIndia specifically was organized to encourage participants to build decentralized applications (DApps) on the Ethereum blockchain. It was a standout event for us, with over 2,000 participants from 36 different countries. Among the enthusiastic developers and visionaries, our Rumsan team actively contributed, demonstrating our skills as hackers in this prestigious hackathon that took place from December 8th to 10th at the KTPO Convention Centre in Whitefield, Bangalore.

EthIndia 2023, organized by EthGlobal and Devfolio, brought together a diverse community of blockchain enthusiasts, creating an environment ripe for collaboration and groundbreaking solutions. With a focus on the latest innovations in web3, the event provided a platform for participants to explore, learn, and compete. Hackathons like ETHIndia provide a platform for participants to showcase their skills, learn new technologies, and work on innovative projects related to blockchain and decentralized systems.

Rumsan Team's Experience

We embraced both the challenges and opportunities brought forth by EthIndia 2023. Through active participation in workshops and collaborative sessions, we explored advanced web3 concepts, gaining insights from industry leaders and enhancing our skill set. The event evolved into a dynamic space for exchanging ideas, fostering creativity, and promoting innovation.

We actively engaged in various workshops, exploring the latest technologies and frameworks. From XDC Network and Programmable Storage to Scripting with Remix and Building with Waku, these workshops provided valuable insights that fueled our team's creativity and expertise. In addition to the cutting-edge projects, a pottery workshop brought an artistic touch, allowing participants to express their creativity beyond the digital realm.

Beyond the screens and code, the event's liveliness extended to enjoyable activities like badminton, tennis, and foosball. Despite the intensity of hackathon challenges, participants discovered moments of relaxation and joy through friendly games, creating a harmonious blend of tech exploration and leisure.

Project on Event notifier for DAO: Revolutionizing DAO Notifications

As our team actively engaged in EthIndia 2023, our standout project, "Event Notifier for DAO." This comprehensive event notifier was crafted to simplify and optimize communication within DAOs, addressing the common challenge of setting up additional services for managing proposals, voting periods, and outcomes. The project aimed to reduce both monetary and computational resources.

In the vibrant atmosphere of EthIndia 2023, our team's dedication was evident as we joined the grand finale, where a remarkable 482 projects were submitted by participants from around the globe. Each submission represented a unique exploration, showcasing the creativity of participants and embodying a collective effort that defined the hackathon's spirit. This significant number of projects not only highlighted the extensive participation but also underscored the profound depth of innovation and collaboration within the dynamic blockchain community. As the event came to a close, the stage was set to recognize, celebrate, and reflect on the transformative impact our 482 participant-driven projects would undoubtedly have on the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology.

The key features of our Event Notifier for DAO include a built-in push notification system, enabling direct communication from smart contracts to specific addresses. This innovative approach streamlines the notification process, making it more cost-effective and efficient for DAOs.

To sum it up, EthIndia 2023 showcased how people from around the world came together to work on cool blockchain ideas. It was like a big team effort, and it means we're going towards a future with new and awesome solutions.

Enhancing the Narrative of ETHIndia

In essence, ETHIndia was more than a hackathon; it was a convergence of intellect, a nexus of innovation, and a melting pot of cultural diversity. The lessons learned, both technically and socially, are invaluable treasures that will undoubtedly guide us on our journey in the ever-evolving landscape of web3. As we reflect on this fantastic experience, we carry with us not just new skills but a global network and a renewed passion for pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of decentralized technologies.

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An Exciting Journey of Innovation and Collaboration

In December 2023, the Rumsan Team participated in the ETHIndia 2023 event which was the biggest hackathon in the world. This event was focused on ethereum and blockchain

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